HEIGHT: 5’4″

Sammy Halbert brought his veteran experience to the Harley-Davidson Factory Flat Track Racing Team in 2018. Since his rookie season in 2004 Halbert has won 13 times in Grand National competition. Always a tenacious competitor, he placed third in the twins championship chase in 2015, scored four wins and finished second in the championship in 2012, and won four times in 2011 and finished third. Halbert was named AMA Ricky Graham Rookie of the Year in 2006 and won his first Grand National race at the 2007 Castle Rock TT. Racing for Estenson Logistics in 2017, Halbert placed fourth in AFT Twins points with five podium results and 14 top-10 finishes. Halbert is 32 years old and lives in Graham, Wash.


2018 & 2019: Halbert finished tenth in the American Flat Track Twins Championship riding for Factory Harley Davidson.

2017: Halbert finished fourth in the American Flat Track Twins Championship and won the X Games Gold medal.

2016: Halbert finished 5th in the AMA Flat Track Championship with one win

2015: Halbert switched to number 69 to honor late brother Jethro, finished 3rd in the AMA Flat Track Championship and got the silver medal at the first ever X Games Flat Track

2013: Halbert Scored 12th career win.2012: Halbert finished second in the AMA Flat Track Championship with 4 wins.

2011: Halbert finished third in the AMA Flat Track Championship with 4 wins.2010: Halbert finished fourth in the AMA Flat Track championship.

2009: In a pivotal year for AMA Flat Track Halbert won his first Twins race, finished third in the GNC Twins class, fourth in the GNC singles class, and scored the most points overall to win the unofficial overall Flat Track championship earning a single digit number before the series changed back to the traditional overall championship scoring system.

2007: Halberts first AMA Grand National win came at the Castle Rock, WA TT in his home state sharing the podium with brother Jethro.

2006: Halbert won the coveted Ricky Graham AMA Flat Track Rookie of the year.

2004: Halbert won the AMA Pro-Sport Hot-Shoe National Championship